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Call Centre Head

Call Centre Head


  • Implement on-line information library;
  • Communicate standards and their purpose;
  • Prepare templates for customer communication in written format;
  • A joint measurement of customer satisfaction analysis;
  • Implement focus weeks;
  • Setting the goals for Customer Service group and performance measurement process development;
  • Act according to company standards and values;
  • The development of joint Customer Service strategy;
  • Regular control and consequences management;
  • Handling of non-standard situations;
  • Customer claim management, including communication to employees;
  • Internal communication of mistakes and customer gratitude;       


With Team:

  • Regular team meetings;
  • Ensuring of necessary equipment;
  • Positive work environment creation;
  • Act as an example;
  • Celebrate success;
  • Best practice sharing;


With Individuals:

  • Find out what motivates each employee;
  • Regular individual meetings - performance review; goal setting; feedback;
  • Development and implementation of training plan;
  • Personal development plan for each employee;
  • Onboarding;
  • Mentoring;
  • Successor development;
  • Operational planning, shift planning;
  • Individual target setting, regular communication of results;
  • Effective news communication - campaigns, changes in system, products, procedures;
  • Current process challenging, optimization proposals;