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As Legal Specialist/As Compliance specialist

Professional experience:

  • Preferably significant (> 3 years) experience in legal practice;
  • Proven ability to proactively provide insightful and timely legal support to stakeholders across a functionally and geographically-dispersed organization;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Persuasive negotiator;
  • Understanding of the Pharma industry and customer needs with an ability to deduce the implications for company and implement solutions;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Passion for business integrity topic and impeccable integrity track record;
  • Strong knowledge of compliance issues;
  • Ability to represent company externally on integrity, compliance topics;
  • Capacity to serve as a role model.

As Legal Specialist

  • Monitor and influence legal developments; ensure that the business considers legal trends and risks in the business strategy;
  • Directly handle legal issues related to business development, litigation, corporate governance, and labor law;
  • Act as a Cluster DDC (Due Diligence Coordinator) – perform certain due diligence tasks within the scope of Anti-Bribery Policy and Novartis Third Party guideline;
  • In collaboration with the IP function, conduct risk assessments regarding IP protection and enforce and defend IP in the Cluster;
  • Manage legal housekeeping. This objective should be implemented step-by-step in collaboration with other functions involved.

As Compliance specialist

  • Establish Compliance standards based on internal policies such as Code of Conduct, Corporate Citizenship guidelines, marketing practices and all applicable local laws and regulations;
  • Oversee local requirements in each Country of the Cluster relating to national law and national industry codes and ensure that all business practices conducted in each country comply with such requirements and with the global minimal standards as contained incompanywide policies;
  • Facilitate the establishment and communication of Cluster processes and SOPs, covering Promotional Content, Interactions with HCPs, Patients, Grants, the BPO process, and any additional processes that are deemed necessary by Global, Regional compliance;
  • Conduct on-boarding and refresher training on compliance standards, such as Code ofConduct, Corporate Citizenship guidelines, promotional practices and other relevant compliance related areas;
  • Foster ethical behavior through inclusion of criteria related to compliance in associates Objectives, Incentives;
  • Consider appropriate ways by which associates learn about possible consequences of Compliance related misconduct or best practices;
  • Ensure that Cluster organization activities are conducted in line with Global policy and local regulation requirements on Data Privacy.