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Credit Controller/Sales accountant

Main responsibilities:


  • Perform credit control and prepare sales reporting;
  • Providing accounting and tax records of fixed assets, settlements with customers;
  • Makes revenue and sales accounting entries (1C) at the accounts;
  • Monitor expenses for trade network services - calculation correctness, conformity of documents and agreements. Input in the accounting system all documentation of trade networks services and tax invoices for such expenses. Checks the validity of these documents in accordance with the Tax Code;
  • Provide the control of business transactions in accounting bills;
  • Cooperates with the employees and representatives of customer’s companies;
  • Provides the organization of business accounts information, as well as availability of detalization and additional coding that gives a chance to relay the data into GAAP accounting system and receive an analytics reports needed for making management decisions;
  • Cooperate and organize the work with sales department regarding the contract of delivery with and other contracts with counterparties.
  • Participates in discussions of contracts with customers in terms of workflow, contracts for services provided by retail chains, netting with customers;
  • Provides control of availability and correctness of document implementation and related documents – material load lists and powers of attorney to receive commodities and materials;
  • Carry out and perform other production missions, assignments and instructions of the management within the limits of competence. 
  • To control transfer pricing and purchase costs;
  • Develop, implement and monitor internal control procedures to ensure compliance with legal and financial requirements as well as corporate control processes and policies;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of the strategic plans;
  • Assist in preparation of managerial financial statements;
  • Assist in preparation of budgets;
  • Assist in financial analysis carried out.