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Payroll services

Transparent outsourced payroll service complied with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Smart Solutions is the leading provider of payroll services in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the countries of the Caucasus.

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    active clients
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    monthly payrolls

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

  • 1
    Cost reduction
    Payroll outsourcing is cheaper than keeping your own staff specialist.
  • 2
    Reducing dependence
    Payroll outsourcing rules out the company’s dependence on respective staff specialists in case of their sick leaves, vacations and dismissals.
  • 3
    Reducing risks
    Transfer of responsibility for the calculations quality to the provider means insurance against tax risks and compensation for damages by the provider in case of any errors.
Anton Gorelyshev
Anton Gorelyshev
Business Development Manager
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Smart Solutions services

We provide

Payroll and operating advances Preparation of payroll registers, amounts payable, taxes, in the specified form.
Preparing reports Preparation and submission of payroll reports to public authorities.
Off-cycle payments Calculation of dismissal compensations, vacation allowances, bonuses, overtime and other extra payments.

You can optimize

  • payroll register
  • payroll amounts payable
  • tax amounts payable
  • payslips in the specified form
  • entry to the financial system
highly qualified

By delegating payroll functions to Smart Solutions, you receive high-quality services from top-qualified professionals at a lower cost compared to employing your own workforce.

  • ISO 9001
  • SSAE 16
  • ISA

We comply our work with local and international standards to ensure a consistent, high quality outsourcing services

100% confidential 100% confidential

Smart Solutions will keep confidential your trade secrets or any other competition-sensitive information while conducting comprehensive payroll outsourcing projects for our clients.

Payroll auditing

Experienced consultants of Smart Solutions will check payroll calculations at your company and give recommendations for reducing business risks. This service is especially relevant before inspections by tax authorities.

Auditing covers:

  • payroll accuracy
  • compliance with tax and labor laws
  • conducting tax accounting

Why Smart Solutions?

Extensive experience in payroll auditing Extensive experience in payroll auditing

Extensive experience of payroll auditing

We know the latest changes LC of RK

Keeping abreast of the latest changes in tax and labor legislation of Kazakhstan

We know the latest changes LC of RK We know the latest changes LC of RK

We find a balance between law and business interests

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We are trusted
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