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Outstaffing services from the leading outstaffing provider in Kazakhstan

Аутстаффинг персонала

Smart Solutions is a leader by the size of the customer portfolio and the number of outstaffed employees, through continuous innovation.

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Innovation — Staff Tool

SStaff Tool объединяет все бизнес-процессы аутстаффинга сотрудников в единую простую онлайн-систему.
Staff Tool combines all business processes of outstaffing into a single, simple online system.
  • All workflow is structured and accessible in one place.
  • Online support.
  • Quick access to any information, reports, and statements for clients and employees.
  • Time saving.


Quick online access to any financial information and reports. Full control over activities of contractors and staff employees.

It reduces the time necessary to manage outstaffed employees and helps remember all tasks. It stores all necessary correspondence and documentation in one place.

Benefits of outstaffing services

  • 1
    Cost reduction
    Outstaffing cuts costs due to the transfer of unrelated functions or processes, such as personnel records to a lower-cost provider
  • 2
    Reducing risks
    Outstaffing provider takes full responsibility for the quality and reliability of employee records
  • 3
    Focus on core business activities
    Thus, the delegation of responsibility for the provision of staff records to outstaffing provider allows to fully concentrate on core business activities
Anton Gorelyshev
Anton Gorelyshev
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Smart Solutions services

A customer's staff members can be redeployed within outstaffing provider, while the customer being the actual employer. This will allow the customer to get rid of human resources management and associated administrative expenses

Re-registration of employees

Re-registration of employees

We'll help you re-register your employees, including awareness support to the employees.

Accounting support services

Accounting support services

A full-range of accounting support services provided in compliance with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Easy workflow

Easy workflow

We offer a new approach that entails running all outstaffing workflow at maximum efficiency.

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Аутсорсинг и аутстаффинг – две популярные схемы привлечения стороннего персонала для исполнения задач в пользу компании-заказчика. Между ними есть определенные различия, хотя в целом и то, и другое – услуга кадрового субподряда.